Racquetball court turned into a fitness area

Reimagining Your Racquetball Court as a Fitness Area

As you review and look over your fitness center, you may often wonder if the enclosed and usually empty racquetball court could become a training area for a yoga class or even a strength training circuit. It seems perfect: The 800-square-foot space can fit enough strength training machines, leaving additional room for a quick workout and guided training. And like many facilities, you may have a racquetball court that remains unused more often than not, heavily impacting your potential return on investment.

Why Are Racquetball Courts Underutilized Today?

The once-popular sport has approximately 3.53 million participants in the US in 2017. The sport’s popularity has further declined since then due to high injury rates and low interest, resulting in a low ROI. Racquetball courts simply take up far too much space for the revenue they bring in. That’s why many have been turning these courts into fitness centers, responding to the growing demand in the fitness industry.

Convert Your Racquetball Court To Create More Value in Your Fitness Center

Racquetball court conversion can benefit your business by breathing life into different fitness programs. Convert the 800-square-foot space to a functional area that adds a profitable revenue stream. Here is how this conversion could create more value for your business and greatly improve your return on investment:

Increase Group Fitness Participation

Converting your racquetball court creates functional training within the right atmosphere and environment. Special flooring graphics and specialty flooring in the new facilities become essential in coordinating group exercise classes and activities, such as indoor cycling and boot camp. The new area also becomes a general small fitness area.

Serve More Members And Increase Group Fitness Participation.

An 800-square-foot racquetball court serves two people. Even when in use throughout the day, that is 400 square feet per player. Imagine how many people this space could serve when converted into a decent-sized yoga or group exercise room to accommodate an indoor cycling, functional training area, martial arts or a boot camp class

Enough space and more training equipment can lead to new general small fitness area which can lead to increased new members and referrals. You can also expect an increase in demand as the global fitness industry expands beyond 2019’s figure of 96 billion dollars.

Convert Your Racquet Court Into a Functional Training Space With TEK Fitness

If you are operating a fitness facility, just think of what a racquetball court fitness area could look like. Appeal to your customers by expanding your fitness area and equipping it appropriately. The TEK Fitness team can help you convert your racquetball court while supplying the appropriate products, and installing and servicing the items.

At TEK Fitness, we specialize in fitness facility upgrades by offering the very best fitness solutions for your gym, and at competitive prices for the fitness equipment. TEK Fitness has all the tools to design, layout, and equip the area with the right products for your business. Visit our website to learn more about how to maximize your ROI by reimagining your racquetball court as a fitness area today!

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