Virtual Training Ideas on Fitness Equipment

Elevate Your Fitness Center With Virtual Training

Gathering members back into your gym on a consistent schedule has always been the glaring challenge to overcome as a gym owner. Whether it’s a full-service gym, multifamily housing fitness center or hotel workout room, members, residents and guests are crucial to getting the most out of your equipment.

With the changes brought on by the pandemic, companies such as Echelon Fitness have begun implementing virtual training directly onto their products. By providing on-demand training through a virtual setting, you can ensure the safety of your members, students, guests, and others while also respecting their busy schedules. Those in multifamily housing can even enjoy time at the gym without having to leave the grounds.

Virtual Training Leads to Physical Gains

In order to keep members coming back to your gym, the equipment you provide must exceed their expectations to give them a great user experience as well as allow them to reach their fitness goals.

Re-engage your audience with the Echelon line of virtual training products. The most popular item is the Echelon mirror, a smart mirror that can stream training lessons with just a couple of taps. gym members can use the platform for directed classes of yoga, kickboxing, targeted workouts and even HIIT.

Virtual training equipment such as the Echelon mirror are great for 24/7 facilities as not all members are able to attend group classes during regular business hours. These accommodations are no longer seen as an edge over the competition but as a means for survival as gyms across the country struggle to increase attendance post-pandemic.

Work With Virtual Training, Not Against

For years virtual training may have been on the backburner and not something that facilities felt would beneficial. The truth is that virtual training simply fills a need, one that your gym can also fill by letting virtual training complement your existing facilities. More and more of our daily lives are moving to the digital realm, and workouts are no exception.

The advantage physical gyms have over these virtual classes is the social interaction that comes from attending an in-person session. To keep safety as a top priority, virtual training equipment can allow members to do their own personal workout but still be around their peers. Reaching new members becomes easier to do as well thanks to the flexibility offered by virtual training mirrors, rowers, treadmills and stationary bikes.

With all that has happened over the past year, many have a more flexible schedule along with being more health conscious due to being stuck indoors. While outdoor classes can alleviate concerns about proximity, there are too many variables to make it a consistent option. Provide your gym members, training clients, physical therapy patients and anyone else in need of a workout with the optimal equipment.

Upgrade Your Entire Gym With One Stop

To help meet the need for virtual training, TEK Fitness Distributors has partnered with  Echelon Fitness to provide their budget-friendly products paired with TEK’s world-class customer service. Let us take the guesswork out of choosing equipment with a quick consultation. Simply contact our team today to start bringing your gym into the modern era!

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