Updated Fitness Area that is inspiring and motivating

Creating Inspiring Fitness Spaces

The market size for the gym, health and fitness clubs industry is expected to increase tremendously in 2021. As the market becomes more saturated, having an incredible strategy that will deliver unique, inspiring, and eye-catching designs within your fitness space is essential.

The first impression counts. People tend to make a sound judgement on something within the first few seconds of seeing it. This is common in the professional and business industry, and it’s no different for people visiting your gym. What your clients see in your fitness space impacts them greatly. A breath-taking and inspiring first impression can result in a gym membership.

Experts at Tek Fitness Distributors understand that a unique design takes the right equipment selection, weight tolerance, proper balancing of activity flow and other factors. Our team of professionals work together to design an inspiring fitness space for each client. The right gym design can attract and retain customers and personal trainers.

Why Custom Design Matters

Your facility’s design should work for your trainers, staff, gym members and other customers. Good design will inspire your customers and enable trainers and members to operate safely and work out in a well-equipped gym. The right design and layout will allow you to create spaces where your clients can use the equipment they want without disturbing others.

Tek Fitness Distributors advanced team offer a full range of services that will create an inspiring fitness space based on your vision and budget. No matter the size of your club, our experts can help you revolutionize your space. From simple floors to complex training areas and group exercise areas, we know how to provide an impressive gym experience that works. We offer unique solutions to help residential communities, health clubs/gyms, senior living, education, hospitality industry, corporate fitness centers and country clubs create unique fitness experience.

2D and 3D Visualization

Having an eye-catching and thriving fitness center requires careful planning of your existing or new facility. Allow Tek to visualize your space and create an inspiring fitness experience within your budget. Our team will develop a variety of 2D and 3D layouts so you can visualize how your new fitness space will look on completion. They take into consideration types of exercisers, size restrictions, amount of equipment and safety requirements.

Tek Fitness Distributors know that suitable layout and product selection are vital aspects of a successful fitness facility. We are committed to helping you at every step of the way in designing your fitness space. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, you own a commercial fitness space, or a multi-family fitness facility, Tek professionals have the expertise to create a fitness experience like no other.

Fitness Space Customization

The fitness industry is forever evolving; your fitness space design can significantly impact its users. That is why every little detail matters a lot in growing and retaining your clientele. Customizing your fitness facility involves more than repainting the walls and buying new equipment. It involves creating a continuous expression of your brand. From custom colors for your equipment and flooring to graphics on the wall, Tek will help you customize your fitness space.

At Tek Fitness Distributors, we provide our clients with the best fitness equipment. We are the leading distributors in Arizona, providing service, maintenance, and installation of fitness equipment. Plan for a design consultation today.


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